ARK56 ÄlskaVår - Love spring
Date: 30 April - 1 May

ARK56 ÄlskaVår - Love spring

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ARK56 ÄlskaVår is two days filled with activities and experiences for the family, the adventurer and the lover of life.


Cycle, hike, paddle or set off at a leisurely pace to experience nature, history and delicious flavors in Blekinge. Everything takes place during the Walborg weekend on April 30 and May 1 and in connection with ARK56 - linking coastal trails in a UNESCO biosphere area.

When you participate in one of the activities, you collect "check-ins", stickers that give you something extra at the eateries participating in ÄlskaVår (meaning Love spring). Just show the folder with your pasted-on badges when you order. If you collect three or more check-ins during the days, you can also participate in the competition for fantastic prizes.

More information is available via link.

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Date Time Arena/Location
Tuesday 30 April
Wednesday 1 May