Ur hjärtats vrå
Date: 24 March

Ur hjärtats vrå

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A musical monologue about Alice Tegnér's life with Elin Sandelius and Johan Harding.


Alice Tegnér - a multi-talented woman, a social genius and one of Sweden's greatest composers. The story of a woman's life in constant struggle to fit in, where what she lived for counted as fun. In the performance, we get to know the person behind the celebrity and take part in her great musical treasure.

This is a musical story about Alice Tegnér, the woman who became the mother of many children's song. She was born in 1864 in Karlshamn and grew up in a loving home that was always filled with music.
She was a bundle of energy who constantly hungered for knowledge and to develop her musical talent but who was also constantly limited by the fact that she was a woman. Throughout her life, she wrote hundreds of letters and also, for many years, diaries, in which she describes in detail the life she lived. A life that is far from the somewhat austere image that we usually see of her. She loved to dance and constantly participated in the rich cultural life offered by the well-to-do middle class.

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Sunday 24 March 16:00 Lokstallarna