Tack och lov att jag finns
Date: 23 November - 24 November

Tack och lov att jag finns

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Music performance in Folkets Hus and in Svängsta Medborgarhus.


A smaller musical poetic performance with an actor, two musicians, many instruments and vocal parts. The sadness and joy of everyday life in Kristina Lugn's texts (Swedish poet).

Music by Thomas Hertzman, Benny Andersson and Georg Riedel. The actor Catherine Westling, most recently in the performance "Föregångerskan", now with two musicians on stage with piano, cello, bass clarinet, ukulele and bass tuba.

From a performance where women's suffrage was the focus, it is now a woman's voice, or rather roar, in a tribute to existence. Black humor and recognition for everyone who loved and wanted to fit in.

Date/time: 23 November at 12:00
Location: Folkets Hus B-sal, Karlshamn
Price: adult 200 SEK, stage pass 150 SEK

Date/time: 24 November at 19:00
Location: Svängsta Citizen's House, Svängsta
Price: adult: 250 SEK, stage pass 200 SEK. Senior 220 SEK, stage pass 170 SEK. Youth up to 20 years 70 SEK

Advance purchase: Lundins Bokhandel, Stora Coop and Nortic.se
Length: 55 minutes
Cast: Catherine Westling, Thomas Hertzman and Ove Lindqvist

Organizer: Karlshamns Riksteaterförening

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Date Time Arena/Location
Thursday 23 November 12:00 - 12:55 Folkets Hus
Friday 24 November 19:00 - 19:55 Svängsta Medborgarhus