Sparkling wine tasting at Köpmannagården
Date: 24 April

Sparkling wine tasting at Köpmannagården

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Welcome to an evening with sparkling wine at Köpmannagården in Karlshamn.


What exactly is champagne? And what is sparkling wine? Can you feel the difference in taste or notice it in some other way? How big are the differences between a Spanish cava, an Italian prosecco and a French champagne?

With the help of Köpmannagården's knowledgeable sommeliers, you are guided through the flavors and bubbles. We all deserve a little luxury from time to time, so treat yourself to a lovely evening of sparkling wine.
The evening starts with a saber ring in the courtyard and then you will try six different sparkling wines during the evening. Small delicious delicacies are served with this.

Date/time: 24 April at 18:00
Price: 549 SEK (10% on the menu for participants)
Book by phone or email, see contact details.
The number of places is limited.

Organizer: Köpmannagården

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Date Time Arena/Location
Wednesday 24 April 18:00 Köpmannagården