Skandalen Ida Bäckmann
Date: 22 March

Skandalen Ida Bäckmann

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Music theater in Folkets Hus in Karlshamn.


Ida Bäckmann created chaos wherever she went. Here she comes back and tells her truth.

The highly gifted Ida Bäckmann travels alone to places of concern around the world. On her way to her wedding in South Africa, she ends up in the middle of the Boer War instead. Always in the center of the action. She defies everything and everyone, often at the risk of her own life. She witnesses bloody street riots in Paraguay, Warsaw and Moscow. Under extreme conditions in Russia, she gets an interview with Tolstoy. She sneaks further into the Vatican than any priest has managed. Everything is reported home to the major daily newspapers.
Her reports become very popular with a mixture of both suspense and humor. She defies all the rules, sticks on. Ida Bäckmann was on her way to becoming a very successful and well-known journalist. In 1911 everything changed.
After encouragement from Selma Lagerlöf, Ida writes a book about her close friendship with Gustaf Fröding. The book becomes a national scandal. Ida is completely frozen out and subjected to a hate campaign. Described as mythomaniac, stalker, psychopath, frigid and vampire. After Selma Lagerlöf's death, Ida writes yet another biography, then about her long-standing friendship with Selma. This book will be at least as big a scandal!

Ida Bäckmann was a writer, teacher and journalist but is perhaps best known today for her relationships with two literary heavyweights. Ida wanted to marry Gustaf Fröding and exchanged letters with Selma Lagerlöf for several decades. In both situations, she is described by posterity as a parasite, as "a millstone around the necks of genius".

Date/time: 22 March at 12:00
Location: Folkets Hus, Karlshamn
Advance purchase: Lundins Bokhandel, Stora Coop and (see booking link)
Running time: 1 hour and 5 minutes
Price: adults 250 SEK, stage pass 200 SEK. Senior 250 SEK, stage pass 200 SEK

Organizer: Karlshamns Riksteaterförening

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Date Time Arena/Location
Friday 22 March 12:00 - 13:00 Folkets Hus