This show has no title - A true Elton John tribute
Date: 18 November

This show has no title - A true Elton John tribute

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Jonas Gideon interprets Elton John's music through a concert at Stadsteatern.


Together with Sweden's best musicians, Jonas Gideon offers a concert with a focus on total tribute and reverence for Sir Elton John's music. Everything from the great ballads and the rocking super classics to the slightly more unknown for the die-hard Elton geek.
Sit back and enjoy an evening you will never forget!

For over five decades, Elton John has been active as an artist. He has composed several of the absolute greatest and most loved songs in world history, has constantly toured the world and is still hyper-current today, including through notable and successful collaborations with other world artists who are not even half as old as himself. In July 2023, he performed his last concert in Sweden.

In 1984, Jonas Gideon was born. He grew up with the music in his parents' record collection and above all Elton John. Jonas started as a little boy to learn to play and sing Elton's songs. By chance he met Elton just before his concert at Ullevi in ​​Gothenburg in 1998 and became obsessed. He learned close to 200 songs and over the years has seen Elton live 14 times. Thanks to Elton John, Jonas chose to become a professional musician and singer. He has since played with large parts of Sweden's artistic elite such as Molly Sandén, Jennifer Brown, Carola, Victor Norén, Janne Schaffer and others. After working as a musician for 20 years, it was time for Jonas to get started "This show has no title - A true Elton John tribute".
The premiere took place at the Scala Theater in Stockholm and the response was enormous.

Quote from Janne Schaffer:
"In the early 1970s, I had the great honor of listening to a young Elton John's first performance at the Kårhuset on Holländargatan in Stockholm, and the whole concert went straight to my heart. To relive these fantastic songs with Jonas Gideon over 50 years later was absolutely overwhelming. Jonas' interpretations are magical!”

See clip via link from one of the concerts!

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Saturday 18 November 19:30 Karlshamns Stadsteater