Date: 29 December - 13 January


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Entertainment, humor and music by Nöjeskompaniet and others at The Theater.


For the 22nd time Nöjeskompaniet offers a completely festive evening at The Theater (Karlshamns Stadsteater). With a fantastic sense of humor and ability to entertain, an uncomplicated show filled with lots of music and comedy is promised. As usual, Nöjeskompaniet's own orchestra provides the music.

Dates: 29/12, 30/12, 5/1, 6/1, 12/1 and 13/1
Location: Karlshamns Stadsteater
Price: 450 SEK for adults and 250 SEK for children (up to 12 years)
Tickets are sold at (see booking link), Lundins Bokhandel, Stora Coop Karlshamn and Nöjeskompaniet.

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Date Time Arena/Location
Friday 29 December 19:00 Karlshamns Stadsteater
Saturday 30 December 19:00 Karlshamns Stadsteater
Friday 5 January 19:00 Karlshamns Stadsteater
Saturday 6 January 19:00 Karlshamns Stadsteater
Friday 12 January 19:00 Karlshamns Stadsteater
Saturday 13 January 19:00 Karlshamns Stadsteater