Music gathering in May
Date: 18 May

Music gathering in May

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Music at Boktryckargatan 1 in Karlshamn.

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Welcome at 16:00, the music starts around 17:00.
First it will be classical music. Ulrika Holmberg and Elin Olstorpe plays music by French female composers.
Then the evening continues with T.R.E. - Eskil Roos, piano, Hampus Petersson, drums and Gustav Sundqvist, bass. There will be music by Georg Riedel, Jan Johansson and Eskil Roos.
Finally, there will be music to dance to!
As usual, it's a picnic concert, so feel free to bring food and drinks. If the weather is good, the grill is lit. The studios are open all evening.

Date/time: May 18 at 16:00
Entrance fee: 200 SEK

Organizer: Basement Grafiska huset

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Date Time Arena/Location
Saturday 18 May 16:00 Basement