I kroppen min
Date: 14 November

I kroppen min

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Show in Lokstallarna.


On September 17, 2013, the musician, journalist and writer Kristian Gidlund dies of cancer aged only 29. He leaves behind the blog "I kroppen min" (In my body), which during his last years of life became the existential breathing hole of millions of people.

In Jani Lohikari's dramatization and Johan Pau's direction, we follow a man played by Razmus Nyström. With a burning concern and a strong physical dynamism, he explores the meaning of life as well as death. The music is specially composed for the performance and is performed live on stage by Mats Björke, Kristian's childhood friend and former member of the celebrated band Mando Diao. Kristian Gidlund's words carry us through a journey in the final phase of life and help us grasp the present moment intensely.

Note that the performance is in Swedish.

Date/time: 14 November at 19:00
Location: Lokstallarna, Karlshamn
Price: 200 SEK , stage pass 150 SEK. Youth up to 20 years 70 SEK
Advance purchase: Lundins Bokhandel, Stora Coop and Nortic.se (see booking link)
Length: 1 hour and 15 minutes
Post-show talk with the actor Razmus Nyström after the performance.

Organizer: Karlshamns Riksteaterförening

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Date Time Arena/Location
Tuesday 14 November 19:00 - 20:15 Lokstallarna