Hits of the 60's
Date: 2 March

Hits of the 60's

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Clabbe af Geijerstam, Lennart Grahn and Brian Marston plays hits from the 60s together.

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Hits of the 60's was founded in 2018 when the idea was to bring together the leading figures from the biggest Swedish pop groups for a tour. Three successful tours later, they continue because they see a need in the older audience to experience the 60s for a while.

Date/time: March 2 at 19:00
Price: 595 SEK
Buy tickets via booking link (Nortic).
Location: Karlshamns Stadsteater
The box office at the theater opens at 18:00
Time: 2 hours with two acts including a break

Organizer: Enduo

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Date Time Arena/Location
Saturday 2 March 19:00 Karlshamns Stadsteater