Handbook for housewives
Date: 12 April

Handbook for housewives

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Theater performance in Svängsta Medborgarhus.


The year is 1955. Ester is 19 years old, has married and moved into a brand new house. With running water in the bathroom. And electric stove. She gets to leave her job when she gets married. No one asked what she wanted. It was just the way it was supposed to be. Now she has a new role. In the home.

A housewife in three different ages. From the 1950s to the present day, these different ages are intertwined in a story about Ester's life as a housewife. About loneliness, economic serfdom and "women's diseases" for which there is no name yet.

With the Swedish people's home as a background, a woman's life, Esters, is depicted, while at the same time it tells about all the thousands of women who in silence always moved a little on the periphery, behind the lace curtains, in the aprons and among the household brooms.

Handbook for housewives is a kind of public education about a hushed-up professional role in the Swedish public home - the unpaid housewife. It is about motherhood, being a woman and about the expectations and conventions of the time.

And it's about the waiting. On the man. On the children. And maybe on a life that never really happened.

Date/time: 12 April at 19:00
Location: Svängsta Medborgarhus
Advance purchase: Lundins Bokhandel, Stora Coop and Nortic.se (see booking link)
Playing time: 1,5 hours
Price: adult 200 SEK, stage pass 150 SEK. Senior 200 SEK, stage pass 150 SEK. Youth up to 20 years 70 SEK

Organizer: Karlshamns Riksteaterförening

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Date Time Arena/Location
Friday 12 April 19:00 - 20:30 Svängsta Medborgarhus