Gin and whiskey tasting at Carlshamn by the Sea
Date: 26 April

Gin and whiskey tasting at Carlshamn by the Sea

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Gourmet tasting in collaboration with the award-winning distillery Spirit of Hven.


Welcome to an exclusive evening filled with taste experiences and gastronomic pleasure at Carlshamn by the Sea.

Spirit of Hven is known for their exceptional quality and their dedication to creating drinks of the highest class. Located on the island of Ven in Öresund, this distillery has become a symbol of Swedish craftsmanship and creativity in the art of distillation. With a passion for organic ingredients and innovative manufacturing methods, Spirit of Hven has brought Swedish flavors to international fame.

During the gin and whiskey tasting, you will be guided through a journey of aromas and flavors by our knowledgeable experts from Spirit of Hven. You will have the opportunity to explore six unique distillates, each with its own character and charm. From genuine Swedish gin to noble oak barrel-aged whiskey, you will discover a world of flavor variations that will stimulate your senses and surprise your taste palette.

Date: 26 April
Location: Carlshamn by the Sea
Price: 475/person SEK
Book ticket via email:​

To ensure your place, it is important that you book your ticket in advance. The number of places is limited. Payment is made easily at the bar before the tasting begins.

Organizer: Carlshamn by the Sea

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Friday 26 April Hotel Carlshamn