Exhibition - Åke Bergqvist

Exhibition - Åke Bergqvist

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Art exhibition in Karlshamn's art gallery in the Cultural district in Karlshamn.


Åke Bergqvist:

"Since 2014, my art has been about my wanderings and contemplations in Kronobergs Mosse, located where I live, just north of Växjö. My encounter with the moss was transformative. An inaccessible old alluvial land which on a map from 1725 was condemned as "Unsuitable Swamp". However, the view of the "useless" has changed and the bog has become a "wealth" in our time. Since 2018, the bog is part of a larger nature reserve. Having a place of residence, a place, an environment that can be identified and with which I can try to come to terms in various ways turned out to be of greater importance than I realized.

It doesn't have to be the big questions that engage, but the self-perceived with the opportunities and limitations the environment offers as meaning-making room for action. So every meeting can be significant. A way to also see myself, ourselves in a larger context.”

Exhibition: 25 May - 16 June
Opening on Saturday 25 May at 13:00.
Then open Thursday at 16:00-18:00 and Saturday-Sunday at 11:00-17:00.

Organizer: Karlshamns Konstförening