Carlshamn Punch Big Band
Date: 7 May

Dance to Carlshamn Punch Big Band

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Dancing in Bellevueparken.


Why not let loose a few hours on a regular Tuesday evening? Carlshamn Punch Big Band and Lindy Hop dancers in Blekinge are offering a wonderful dance evening. The repertoire breathes the "Savoy Ballroom" of the 30s.

Between 18:00-18:45 there is an opportunity to try out Lindy hop dance under the guidance of the Lindy Hop gang in the nearby buildning called Playhouse.

Sales of coffee is available.

No member prices on the entrance fee this evening, 150 SEK for adults and 50 SEK for students.

Organizer: Jazzföreningen Munthe

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Date Time Arena/Location
Tuesday 7 May 19:00 Bellevueparken