Book signing at Lundins Bokhandel
Date: 1 June

Book signing at Lundins Bokhandel

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Authors are on site at the book store Lundins Bokhandel for book signings.


Saturday 4 May at 11:00-13:00
The author Elin Östberg signs her book "Linnéa och Heliangänget: kristallstaven".

Wednesday 8 May at 15:00-17:00
The queen of detective stories, Emma Olofsson, is in the store and signs her books. The day to glory is the premiere of "Himmelsberget" in paperback.

Friday 10 May at 11:00-13:00
Andreas Jemn is on site in the store and signs his book "Dolt under isen".

Saturday 1 June at 11:00-13:00
Emma Olofsson signs her steaming fresh book "Se inte bort" which is the third part in the Sonja Ljung series which takes place in Karlskrona.

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Date Time Arena/Location
Saturday 1 June 11:00 - 13:00 Lundins Bokhandel