Anthony Charles Heads - Project: Mind Control
Date: 5 November

Anthony Charles Heads - Project: Mind Control

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Show in Lokstallarna with the mentalist and illusionist Anthony Charles Heads.


Anthony Charles Heads, mentalist and paranormal illusionist, is back with a new brilliant and challenging show - Project: Mind Control.

Since the 1940s, the CIA has conducted top-secret research into subjects that border on the paranormal, such as telepathy, remote viewing, ESP, hypnosis, and brainwashing. Their astonishing results influenced everything from the advertising industry to the military on a global scale, and the traces and methods of the projects are left behind in our everyday lives even today.
But now for the first time on stage, the mentalist Anthony Charles Heads will reveal these secret projects and recreate certain experiments in front of a live audience in a unique and puzzling show.

Project: Mind Control hovers between science and psychological illusion as Anthony plays with your thoughts and world view. Will he manage to control the entire crowd or can you just resist? And how will the experiments end? If you want to know what the mind can achieve and how it can be influenced, don't miss Project: Mind Control.

Date: Sunday 5 November
Location: Lokstallarna, Karlshamn
Doors open: 17:30
Show: 18:00-19:30
Tickets: 390 SEK
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About Anthony:
Anthony Charles Heads is Sweden's most hired mentalist. Thanks to his sold-out Sweden tour 2022 (the supernatural themed show "Anden i Glaset"), thousands more people have now discovered his unique form of entertainment. The show visited 13 cities around the country and this autumn Project: Mind Control will visit a total of 20 cities before the tour ends.

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Date Time Arena/Location
Sunday 5 November 18:00 - 19:30 Lokstallarna